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SOS Resume Service will create a persuasive resume that’ll focus on your CORE strengths, achievements plus so much more in an easy-to-read resume that employers will simply love!

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Resume Client PhotoStanding out among all of the other candidates who are looking to land the same dream job as you can be difficult. But one of THE most critical components that can help you stand out among all other candidates is your resume.

By creating a resume that puts a spotlight on your background, education and core strengths…plus making it short and easy to read…you’ll quickly impress your prospecting employer and greatly increase your chances of landing the job.

There’s a unique science and real skill to creating really powerful and persuasive resumes, cover letters and even thank you letters… and we’ve mastered the process so you don’t have to!

A typical employer will only spend around 60 seconds reading your resume, so it’s vital that you not only make it short and highly-informative, but you want all your most sellable strengths to stand out to them. And this is exactly what we can create a personal resume for you.

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Here Are The Services We Offer

Professional Resume Service ($375) Now you can get a top-notch resume that’ll truly reflect who you are, your strengths, and so much more in one amazing resume that you can share with hiring managers and employers. You simply use our easy online form to fill in your details, and we’ll take care of the rest. It couldn’t be any easier!

Cover Letter ($135) In order to really make your resume shine, it’s vital that you also have a proper cover letter to match it. By having a resume and cover letter that fit together and also look fantastic, those who are looking to hire you will take notice instantly and this can leave a solid first impression about you and your professionalism.

Thank you Letter ($175) | The Thank You Letter is the one component that many job seekers seem to neglect. By sending a thank you to the people who interviewed you, it shows that you truly do care about them, and it also reflects well on you as a potential job candidate. This could make you stand out among all the other job applicants.

A Simple Breakdown of Our Resume Guidelines

Our focus is on creating powerful and highly-persuasive single page resumes that will grab the attention of a prospecting employer or hiring manager. We use the industry standard resume format that is widely used by  Harvard Business School. Our resume writing experts only follow clear rules and guidelines to ensure the highest level of quality in every resume we create.

Below is a breakdown of our Resume Guidelines…

  • Only producing 1-page resumes
  • Utilizing Times New Roman or Calibri font because it has been shown in scientific studies to be the most legible font for most people
  • Using 10-, 11- or 12-point font
  • Studies have shown people don’t read paragraphs but they do read bullet points. Hence, our resumes incorporate bullet points instead of paragraphs
  • We use the verb tense guidelines set by the Chicago Manual of Style, the preeminent book on English grammar and writing style.
  • The name of the company, your position, and job description are more important than your dates of employment. Consequently, our resumes focus on the former by putting them on the left side of the resume, bolded, in bullets, or italicized for emphasis
  • We divide our resumes into sections separated by lines to ensure that the hiring manager can easily find important information
  • We do not include an objective statement in a resume, since employers are more interested in what applicants can do for them, rather than the goals of the applicant
  • All final version resumes are reviewed by 2 resume writers before being sent out for quality control purposes
  • We do not include more than 4 jobs or 7 years of work experience on a resume (it makes the client look like he or she jumps from one job to another) unless it is absolutely essential
  • We do not include high school education on resumes unless you are under 20 years old and have not attended college
  • For legal reasons, we cannot make statements in your resume that do not reflect your work history and job responsibilities. Our resumes are based on the information you provide us
  • What you don’t put in a resume is AS IMPORTANT as what you do put in a resume. We cut extraneous information from your resume to make sure it focuses on your marketable skills and accomplishments

This is the worst job market in recent memory and our clients expect us to give them a competitive edge with a great resume.

We ONLY Use Experienced Professional Writers: Unlike many resume services that hire or subcontract novice or inexperienced writers from overseas, we‘re different. Our #1 priority is high quality resume writing services and we only use expert writers who are based in the USA or Canada only. These professional writers are very familiar with the current job market and American education system, and also are carefully screened to ensure that they only have the strongest and most viable writing skills possible.

Here’s How To Get Started Right Now

Resume and Cover Letter ClientWe’re excited to get started on your resume!

The process for you to get started couldn’t be any easier. Simply click on the “RESUME” button below and you’ll be sent to a form in which you’ll fill out all your specific personal details. You’ll then be prompted to complete your payment and once that is done, a resume expert will contact you via phone to discuss the specifics of your resume if your request a phone consultation.

Before You Fill Out The Form: Before you start filling in your personal details, be sure you’ve already collected important information such as:

  • A list of your previous employers, dates of your employment and job titles.
  • Your complete education history and names/dates when you attended.
  • A list of your core skills, certifications and any other info you think may be beneficial.

Be sure when you do fill out our form, to take your time and fill it out as completely and thoroughly as you can. Only use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome and make sure you have a fast and reliable Internet connection. When you’ve filled out the form with all your information, made your payment and our resume writing expert has contacted you to finalize all details, your resume will then be completed.

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